157. Part 1 : The 3rd Vrindhavan Trip

Once again, the time had come to spend 9 days and 8 nights at Sri Vrindhavan Dham on the holy occassion of Sri Krishna Janmasthami. After a year of surviving work, cold winds and Melbourne devotees, I just had to get back to the hot & humid spiritual town. To be once again surrounded by devotees, temples, monkeys and the mercy of Sri Radha Krishna, is sure to be a wonderdul and memorable thing. 



 As I checked out of the hotel in New Delhi, I noticed the above artefact behind the reception desk. I was thrilled and considered it as a good sign for my travel ahead.


4 thoughts on “157. Part 1 : The 3rd Vrindhavan Trip

  1. it seems that you are quite familiar with vrindavan, and the surrounding area, indeed the whole of india. i have followed some of your posts on sri vrindavan dham, and enjoy them alot.

    i have one question. you seem to go vrindavan alone?
    i may be planning to go to the dham alone also, but i have heard that it is extremley dangerous, and it will be my first time in the dham. do you think it is wise? i will be staying at the MVT. what tips and advice can you give to someone going for the first time alone. thanks you

    hari krishna

    • Hare Krishna Hari Krishna prabhu !
      Thank you for your comment and queries.
      1) I normally prefer to go alone but the last 2 years, I take 1 close friend with me each time with the hope that they take to Krishna Consciousness too. Thankfully, they have.
      2) Although, I was fearful at first, I have come to realize that people in general are busy with their thoughts of Krishna and their day to day affairs. Majority of the strangers I have met have been friendly. But its better to be safe. Having a company is always good. So, if you are able to take someone with you, that’s good.
      3) MVT is a very good place to stay. The place is clean, very close to the Krishna- Balaram temple and the security is good. Make sure you ask them to prepare a “Gate Pass” for you, which you can use to enter the temple quickly. You will need a passport size photo. Carry a copy of the email confirmation of your room too.
      4) I recommend that you get a book called “The Color Guide to Vrindhavana” by Rajasekhara Dasa Brahmachari. There is a similar book for Goverdhan by the same author. The books are very good with color photos, descriptions and maps. Its a great guide.
      5) Do not carry too many expensive things with you. I just take a bottle of water, chanting beads, the guide, my notebook, pen and a pocket camera.
      6) Be confident and don’t look too “touristy”. Act like a local and like you have been here many times in the past.
      7) Have great faith in Lord Krishna !

  2. Thank you so much for you reply prabhu, it was really much more then i could have asked for!
    If I may ask a few more things, where do you usually stay? (it must be busy at Janmastami) and where do you usually eat; the MVT/guesthouse?
    I am also planning to get new jaapmala, do you know anywhere to get one?
    ps. really enjoying the Vrndavan post very very much, it is like they are also preparing me for the holy dham with little tips here and there! Thank you for the wonderful service.
    ps. are there any posts on the last vrindavan trips you made?
    Hare Krsna!

  3. Hare Krishna,
    Glad to note that I have been of some help.
    The “Govindha’s” restaurant inside the Krishna Balaram temple is good with many varities of food. There is also a snack bar near the gurukul entrance as well as one near Srila Prabhupad samadhi. I do not eat from anywhere else but these places. Inside the temple, you can get books, japa mala, deity photos etc. I have covered my previous Vrindhavan stories in article 143 and 70. And a little bit of mention in articles 67 and 68 too.
    All the best !


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