155. Part 8 – At the farm with HH Devamrita Swami

Part 8 – The end with a kirtan

Yes, this is the final piece. The weekends at the farm always ends with a wild kirtan. This time it was no different.



His Holiness Devamrita Swami, after his delivery of the final lecture, moved away from his chair and to the corner of the music instrument players. And from there, he started his kirtan. The kirtan was getting loder and loder, faster and faster, ecstatic and more ecstatic ! It was a truly wild place ! 



The guests, neophytes and experienced devotees, all moved to the centre of the room and danced away. Perhaps, for an hour and half atleast. All the dance steps were there – the swami steps, the train, the whirlpool and the jumps.

Hari Bol !

Hari Bol !

And then we were all done. He finished his kirtan. People didn’t want to stop while others prepared to leave. Our bus arrived. Devamrita Swami soon afterwards left. His close devotees stood there sadly, hoping for his return. Silently people began to leave the room and get the final rounds of prasadam. Other’s began to clean the room and toilets, I bid farewell to the warm brahmachari ashram and the farm goat prepared itself to enter the kitchen.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience like everyone else. And may my association with such devotees and events, never end.


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