123. Day 1: Mayapur

Saturday, 7th March.

The ride from Kolkata to Mayapur was a speedy, nerve wrecking one, not too mention the loud and almost continuous horns from my car driver. I think he doesn’t like to see anyone else on the road in front of him. He wanted everyone out of the way. Anyways, I checked in, washed myself and crashed to the bed. That was around lunch time. And woke up at 4pm. Fresh and happy! Got ready and was at the temple by 5:30pm. Aahh..so nice to step into the huge temple complex again.

The bright Pancha-tattva deities

The bright Pancha-tattva deities

One of the first things I did in front of the pancha-tattva was pray for the well-being of all my Melbourne devotee friends, rest of my devotee friends from around the world and also for all the senior vaishnavas who have been offering advice every now and then for my Krishna Consciousness advancement. The idea for praying for all the above came when Gopa Vrindesh prabhu from the Melbourne temple had called me a few days ago. When he discovered that I was on my way to Mayapur and not in Australia, he asked me to pray for him as well.

After a few of my chanting rounds, I decided to check-in on some other Melbourne devotees who are here. Nothing like meeting friends from home.

Uddhava prabhu

Uddhava prabhu

First on the list was Uddhava prabhu – the Melbourne temple energy pack. He was one of the first western devotees I had set my eyes on when I walked into the Melbourne temple. He is so active, full of energy and in some capacity, naughty. But this evening, he was very quiet and a bit withdrawn and tired. He wasn’t feeling too well. I also met the devotee brothers from my post 121. They weren’t feeling too well either. After some half and hour of catching up on world events (related to KC of course), I decided to take leave. I offered my service to them in case they needed anything in their hour of poor health. Hope they get better soon for the Gaura Purnima festival.

There were plenty of people around as I wandered out of the Conch building that housed many of the western devotees. The night was warm and perfect for completing my final round of chanting. Something I would enjoy even more over the next few days.

A dance show related to Sri Narasimha

A dance show related to Sri Narasimha

There was a big tent put up with a poster announcing the screening of the Krishna Consciousness activities in Brazil. The movie focused particularly on the Indian festival that a group of devotees conduct every year, pretty much like the Le Carnival Spirituel. The movie was well made with beautiful songs, photographs, interviews, memories and testimonials. They had a few more programs like the dance show pictured above but I wanted to go to my room as it was 8:30pm already. Wanted to wake up in time for the Sunday Mangal arti.

Hard at work

Hard at work

On the way, I saw preparations going on everywhere for the  festivities that will happen here over the next few days. People were constructing stages and other decorations. All the trees and buildings adorned necklaces of lights. Shall get you some snaps of those in the next set of posts. The whole placed swarmed with hundreds of devotees of all sizes and ages. What fun ! So much t write. But for now, I go. See you soon with more coverage.

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