117. Japanese Version

After 2 years of witnessing me, “feeding the black God in a photo, ringing bells and singing with a CD“, as he would put it, my friend finally picked up the Japanese version of the “Krishna” book, which I had gifted him a year and half ago. Hooray !!

The Krishna book

The "Krishna" book

He is from Japan and currently doing his Masters by research in the field of education. He considers himself as someone who has no inclination for spirituality, philosophy or the English language, although very strangely his written English is very good. Thanks to his digital Japanese-English dictionary. He comes from a little town in Japan, loves his tradition but a bit unhappy over its current lifestyles. Anyways, I managed to get this 1994 copy of the “Krishna” book from Sri Vrindhavan Dham in August 2007. Although, he was deeply thankful to me for having brought him a gift, he wouldn’t read it. He wasn’t interested. He didn’t need it. There was no time for God. His priorities were different. Study hard, do the assignments, get good grades, please the lecturers and finally secure a good job. And I didn’t push him at all.

And 2 weeks ago, he picked up the book from the shelf and said, “I think I will start reading this…”. Many hours later, he remarked, “This is tough philosophy…I can’t even understand the Japanese words…but its interesting“. Few days ago, he mentioned that he remembered his grandfather back in Japan being very spiritual and even donating a good portion of his money to a temple nearby. I was surprised. I asked him to find which temple that was. I am having my fingers crossed….no news yet….

Anyways, as far as his Krishna Conciousness progress and reading goes, I wish him all the best !! Hope his interest grows more and more…

2 thoughts on “117. Japanese Version

    • Hare Krishna Sita-Pati prabhu!
      Hope all is well at your end. Looking forward to your return to Melbourne soon. Today, I was asked by Stoka prabhu to join the group planning to visit the affected areas. And my heart breaks to tell you this but I am not in town during the weekends they are planning to go 😦 I was hoping that they could do it this weekend but collecting and arranging resources will take longer. Please accept my apologies in letting you all down and I wish the visiting team the very best in their relief efforts.


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