116. The affected animals – Victorian Bushfire

Reaching out to everyone who needs help

Reaching out to everyone who needs help

That photo came from the Parks Indigenous Officer and this accompanying text:

“The Ash Wednesday Fires in South Australia and Victoria in 1983 burnt 2,000 square kilometres. 260,000 farm animals died or had to be destroyed. And billions of wildlife perished, as well as their habitats.  Just a one acre fire will burn literally millions of animals from insects and spiders to skinks, lizards, snakes, and nesting birds and all the small mammals that cannot flee, like echidnas, koalas and possums. As well as the damage to native animals’ homes and food supply, there is of course the immense destruction to homes & property and loss and suffering of domestic pets and human life”.

This current bushfire is the worst the country has seen. If you would like to help out the suffering animals in any capacity, please visit: http://www.rspcavic.org/campaigns_news/news_bushfires.htm

4 thoughts on “116. The affected animals – Victorian Bushfire

  1. omg im doing a reaserch assignment on ash wednesday and seeing the picture of the koala made me so sad. thanx for saving the animals in the bushfires.


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