114. Another hot weekend

And I am back after surviving an unbearable 45 degree Celsius, yesterday! Besides the strong dry heat, the constant wind made it even more miserable. It was hard and tough. Felt like I was standing in front of the oven. I decided that the best option was to cut short my Saturday walk and head back home. I could hardly walk a few meters. The whole sky was muddy. I had to visit 4 leading stores before I could grab an electric fan for myself ! Sold out everywhere !!

The situation of the weather was so bad that it had resulted in about 50 homes nearby burning down due to a grass fire, fanned strongly by the wind. The press report read :

In Union St, an army of neighbours and friends fought desperately to save homes, armed with little more than garden hoses and buckets. The fence at Mr Piltz’s house was destroyed and his pet cockatiels died, but his wife and daughters were able to escape with their pet dogs“.
The local mayor said that this blazing fire was the worst he had seen in 26 years.

Phone calls from overseas came in this morning from people wanting to know if I was OK. I felt like a journalist reporting the situation. Yes, I am OK but feeling sad for all those people without their properties. Only few days ago, I had shared the 3-fold miseries in life with someone when he was talking about the weather patterns in United Kingdom and rest of the world:

In our Vedic literatures, it is mentioned that all living entities in the material world have to suffer the 3-fold miseries of life, namely:
(1) Adhyatmika Klesha – Miseries caused by one’s own mind and body
(2) Adhibhautika Klesha – Miseries caused by other living entities:
(3) Adhidaivika Klesha – Miseries caused by nature
Unfortunately, no advancement in civilization can solve these problems

Today, the day was a bit cooler compared to yesterday but as I write this, we have lost power for the second time.

Outside my home - Lush green to dry ground!

Outside my home - Lush green to dry ground!

One thought on “114. Another hot weekend

  1. Nature is just paying back what we do to it! We are plundering a lot from Earth! As Gandhiji famously said, “Nature has enough for every man’s need, not for every man’s greed.”


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