111. A lazy Sunday…

The day has turned out beautiful. From an unbearable 43 degrees plus temperature in the week that passed, today was a day that turned out just fine. The sun is not scorching, yet warm and there is a pleasant breeze that has been moving around through out the course of the day. We have left all the windows and doors open.

One would expect to hang out in the Melbourne city near by with its grand swimming pools, cafes, movie theatres, aquariums, golf courses etc. Or perhaps, bring together a group of friends for a  few hours of beach volleyball. But I can see right now, quiet a few of the young devotees have been hanging out within the temple premises since early morning. None of us have bothered to venture out. Many are here and there, discussing, planning, chanting, dreaming. No one wants to go anywhere. All seems very pleased to be at the temple.

The attractive power of the Sri Radha-Vallabha and our other Deities here, are pretty strong. We love Them. And today, Their attires were very striking. I had asked Krishna Graja, the young priest to take some close-up snaps before he started his service. Here they are for you all : 

Very Colorful !

Very Colorful !

The Family looks pleased.

The Family looks pleased.

Keep up the good work !, they seem to say.

"Keep up the good work !", they seem to say.

No wonder we don’t want to go anywhere. Its just too beautiful here.


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