108. Big Day Out – 2009

The BGO Dance tent

The BGO Dance tent

Just got back home from the BIG DAY OUT music festival at Flemington Race Course. I don’t have much to report actually apart from the fact that the crowd seemed less compared to my last visit here. News reports on the event website states that the Sydney event attracted over 55,000 people, in spite of a scorching 37 degrees. I think, Melbourne would have attracted around 25 – 30 thousand…not sure…another reason could be that the event here was laid out over a large area and that could have made the crowd look smaller.

The “Big Day Out”, now proceeds to Adelaide (30th Jan) and then the final city of Perth (1st Feb).

Hari Bol !!!, shouts the crew

"Hari Bol !!!", shouts the crew

Anyways, our tent had a packed set of volunteers who were putting in every ounce of energy to serve the long line of customers. Some people recognized us from the last few shows we did. It was a good feeling. We had our own fans! And I feel that this recognition of the devotees by the crowd is very important in our mission.

The star food - KOFTA BALLS !!

The star food - KOFTA BALLS !!

Our menu was attractive as usual. I could see the people appreciating the food and this gave us even more energy in the hot tent. Kofta balls were once again the most sought after item and we fried millions of them, I think. The whole tent smelt of them.

We love it too ! - Jai, Rahul and Subimal

"We love it too !" - Jai, Rahul and Subimal

That’s all everyone. Like I said, there isn’t much to report. We all enjoyed our service as usual and I am sure at this very moment, each one of us from the crew is ready to hit the sack. I know I am. Two days of full on service. I need some good sleep before I get to work in the next few hours.


3 thoughts on “108. Big Day Out – 2009

  1. Iam a western devotee, from Los Angeles.I just want to say thank-you to the Iskcon devotees in this sight.You didnt put their names.The Indian devotees really know how to cook.They are helping so steady.Thank-you again

    • Thank you tusita mataji… the devotees who are cooking are Jatinder (close to the photo), Nitesh (middle) and Pritesh (to the right). Infact, all of them can cook very well…except me 😦

  2. An update on this event from today’s newspaper, The Age :

    Gemma Thoms, a 17 year old teenager from Perth died of a suspected drug overdose at the Big Day Out after swallowing several ecstasy pills to avoid a police search on the way to the music festival. She collapsed within 90 mins of arriving at the Claremont Showgorund.

    The show grounds had a big police contingent with sniffer dogs searching concert goers. They uncovered 129 ecstasy tablets, 21 dexamphetamine tablets, 2 grams of metamphetamine, 75 cannabis cigarettes and 6 grams of cannabis. And 4 people were charged with drug dealing.


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