107. Capturing bhakti

After much ponder, after much consideration, much more deliberation, bucket loads of procrastination, truckloads of uncertainty and anxiety later, I finally got the thing. When I went to Sri Vrindhavan dham, trekked the feathertop mountain, did the catering work for the Pyramid Rock festival and attended the La Carnival Spirituel festival, it had dawned on me that I needed to get a new camera to capture all those lovely moments better. Today, was the day.  

Over the last few months, I would gaze into the different cameras at the store shelves hoping to get one of “those” models. Other days, there would be discussions with the sales person, who by now knew me well. And, then there were the nights of internet search – all for that right model.

Ross, was the man who helped me at the store today. He walked up to me with confidence and said, “Can I help you with anything?”. What an important question to ask in life, I wondered.

Me : I am looking for a camera….can’t decide between a small digital compact camera or an SLR…
Ross : What kind of photos do you take? Perhaps, if you explain this as much as possible…maybe I can find the right fit…
Me : Do you know the Hare Krishnas?”
Ross : Yeah
Me : Have you seen them walk and sing on these streets?
Ross : Yup
Me : Well, I want to walk with them taking their photos. And at our temple, they jump, dance and run with great happiness. I want to capture all of that. They do all this in front of our God. I want to take the God’s photo too…this place has tungsten lights…and in India, we go to places of pilgrimage…there are many temples there…very dark…sometimes we go there at night…especially during festivals…I want to capture all that happenings…basically a camera that can get me good and clear photos in low light.

Ross and I ,then spent about an hour going through various models, arguments, discussions, thoughts and we finally as a team decided on the right product to capture my bhakti moments.

Sony Alpha 300

Sony Alpha 300

And here are the first set of photos, I took few hours ago…I have kept them small for it to fit this blog layout…

Srila Prabhupad !!!

1st Photo : Srila Prabhupad !!!

Devotees !

2nd photo : Devotees !

Jagattarini mataji

3rd photo : H.G Jagattarini mataji

Srimati Tulasi Maharani

4th photo : Srimati Tulasi Maharani

Murali prabhu catching up with an old friend

5th photo : Murali prabhu catching up with an old friend


6th photo : Nectar

The Temple Deities !

7th photo : The Temple Deities !

I offered a silent prayer, “Dear Srila Prabhupad, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Nityananda prabhu, Sri Advaita, Gadhadhara, Srivasadi prabhu, Sri Radha Vallabha, Lord Jagannath, Lord Baladeva, Lady Subhadra, please give me the strength and intelligence to capture beautiful images of the devotional services of your devotees as well as Yourself. And please forgive me for any offenses, I may make in the process. Thank you…Good night.”

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