105. New signs at the temple!

We have some new signs put up, to help those new comers from getting lost within the temple compound.

What's happening when?

How many times have we had someone come up and ask, “When will the temple open again for darshan?”. Now, they can see a nice display of all the temple services and darshan times. Also, its better placed, right next to the entrance rather than the one we had before, which was next to the deity room entrance, away from people’s immediate glance.

even with a distance calculator

even with a distance calculator

Visitors can now time their presence in the prasadam collection line, if they were to make a quick visit to the toilet. It takes about 15 seconds to get to the toilet from the temple door, somewhat the midpoint of the long line on a sunday feast day. The well known school equation states that Speed = Distance/Time, which means you would need to move at a speed of 7.12 km/hr (about 2 meters/second). This is possible. I have seen it.

Where can I buy a Krishna photo?

"Where can I buy a Krishna photo?"

2 weeks ago, I had a visitor from Canberra ask, where he can buy some original Melbourne incense sticks? I think he meant Indian ones. Anyways, I proudly pointed him to the new signboard and said, “…and there’s much more!”. Last weekend, we had someone enquire, if they can buy some tulasi seeds for their garden. This item will not be in the temple store…but there’s much, much more !!

No shoes here, please!

Oh no !!

What’s that under the “Please place your shoes on racks” sign? No surprises for guessing – Shoes ! If you were to come to the temple during an important festival day or perhaps the weekend feasts, you will need to cross over the ocean of foot wear before you can enter the temple ! And no, you can’t cover it as quickly as crossing a water collected in a calf’s footprint ! You will find them all over the path leading to the temple door. Sometime last year, I took the initiative of collecting all the shoes and placing them neatly onto the racks. It looked neat. But people just won’t take the effort to follow the above instruction. And it doesn’t look good, when a guru maharaj has to step over these shoes to enter the temple. The path to Krishna should be clear of devotee and neophyte shoes !! Perhaps, we need a new sign that says, “Please don’t place shoes under the – Please place your shoes on racks – sign!” 

Are we getting one too?

"Are we getting a sign too?"

Ooops. Please forward all queries to the temple president.


2 thoughts on “105. New signs at the temple!

  1. The signs are really well done. I was told Prabhu Prabhu was responsible for the new signs and if so, all glories to him!

    The shoe rack was pretty thoughtful but the drawback to it is that before entering the temple you’re faced with a wall of shoes at eye level which is off-putting to say the least. There is actually a shelf sort of thing under the staircase for the same purpose which never gets used except by the select few who have been at the temple long enough to know what it was for! Maybe something can be learnt from Buddhist temples which would surely have some sort of arrangement for this kind of thing…

    • I think devotees who come in their cars, can leave their shoes there. This will reduce the number collected at temple. And maybe, a devotee can do the service of looking after the collection and neat arrangement of visitors foot wear on the racks during peak days. When I went to the Golden Temple in Punjab, many years ago, I was told that the devotees there who collects and looks after your shoes till you return are actually multi-millionaires doing a service !


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