104. A sudden bolt connection

I was reading some archived news, when I came across this blog maintained by a leading Australian journalist, Andrew Bolt. For my reader’s outside of Australia, here is a description of him from his blog – Andrew Bolt started his column in 1998, after working as a foreign correspondent. He also writes for Brisbane’s Sunday Mail, and is a regular commentator on Channel 9’s Today show, ABC TV’s Insiders, Channel 10’s Nine AM, Melbourne’s 3AW, Adelaide’s ABC, Perth’s 6PR and Brisbane’s 4BC. Andrew’s book ‘Still Not Sorry’ was released last year.

Anyways, as I was reading a few articles, this particular article and 2 comments took my interest. Thought, I would share it with you…

Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 08:07am 

The most interesting people read this blog. MareeS, for example, has a family that is remarkable for being so exotically diverse… and numerous:

Andrew, further information about my siblings…
brother 1 is a military commander
brother 2 is a physicist
I’m a writer
Here goes the next…
sister next is a university lecturer
sister next is a radiologist
sister next is a neonatal nursing unit chief
sister next is an environmental scientist
brother next is a hare krishna
brother next is a master seaman (who crewed that boat to Nome)
brother next is a carpenter
sister next is a schoolteacher

Can any reader match it?


I also don’t have the family numbers to match Maree’s impressive list (The Hare Krishna jumped out at me! Not often you see that!)
Danielle of Vic (Reply)
Sat 22 Sep 07 (11:31am)

The hare krishna in the family is a former smackhead with five kids who lives off your and my taxes. He’s the only failure in our line-up, but he cooks a great veggie curry, composes good music and we love him and his kids despite some bad times with him in the past.
mareeS (Reply)
Sat 22 Sep 07 (12:10pm)


2 thoughts on “104. A sudden bolt connection

  1. Heh that ‘only failure’ will deliver that whole family from millions of years of miserable wandering in the material world. Let us know if you find out who it is!


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