98. Le Carnaval Spirituel – 09

Be there !!!

Be there !!!

Its that time of the year when the carnival hits the town again. I am talking about “Le Carnaval Spirituel” led by His Holiness Indradyumna Swami. I remember attending the event last year and it was simply superb. What’s still fresh in my mind, are the amazing performances…basically of everyone. And going through their website, some of those performers will be back. There are some new additions too, like the “Manipur drummers” and a “Kathak” dance show.

 Besides this, the show organizers are also celebrating their 30th anniversary year. And the whole show is FREE ! There is a frequently asked questions section on the Melbourne temple website which gives you some more info about the event and areas where they need your help. The performances are on Jan 16 and 17th at Fitzroy Town Hall and Jan 22nd and 23rd at St. Kilda Town Hall.

I can’t wait to attend the show. Its a great time for me to be proud of our ancient Vedic wisdoms, a chance to take some photos and an opportunity to write another blog post.

See you there !!

Pic : Sourced from a flickr.com user Moldy1972 , found thru a google search.


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