95. A vegetarian talk for Xmas

An hour ago, I was waiting at the tram stand to make a quick visit to the city. As I stood at the empty tram shelter, a middle aged lady joined me in the shelter. The day was getting hot and there was a feeling of dryness in the air.

Lady : Did you know that the trams are running free today?
Me     : Yes…actually few minutes ago the shopkeeper mentioned the same.
Lady : Yes…I just found out this morning on the way to the market…its nice of the government isn’t it, to let people travel for free during the Christmas season.
Me     : Yeah…its good not to pay anything for travel for the next 2 days…infact I didn’t have the right change…so all’s good.
Lady : I was in the market this morning…and it was appalling…to see people act like there was a famine…pushing and shoving…to get their food for the holidays…there’s no kindness during Christmas anymore…
Me     : Not to mention the amount of animals killed
Lady : Yes…Yes…I am aware of that…
Me     : Hundreds and thousands are already killed every week in Australia…I am sure the figures are higher than average during this period…
Lady : So many turkeys would be killed and all…
Me     : Not just turkeys…cows, calves, goats, kangaroo, emus, chickens, ducks etc etc…so that people can have enjoy…

Lady : You Hare Krishnas don’t touch these meats, right? That’s good.

I was a bit shocked that she recognized a Hare Krishna. Actually, I didn’t expect that statement at all. It was a good feeling though.  

Lady : But you drink milk and cheese, don’t ya? I have a friend who is a vegan…and she doesn’t touch any meat, or eggs or milk, cheese etc…she doesn’t even wear fur items and leather shoes…she says there’s a lot of cruetly there
Me    : Yeah…we drink milk, no eggs…we make our cheese in the temple down that street

The tram arrives in the scene, “choc-a-bloc” with commuters…FREE is a good thing.

Lady : Oh well…I really feel for those animals…I haven’t done much personally…but I feel for them. There just no kindness during Christmas…

And she got into the tram and took a back seat. I took the front. Both of us went our different ways. The fact that there are a lot of people out there willing to sacrifice their taste of meat and even more talk about such people made me feel satisfied. Its important that such things are spoken constantly and that people are recognized for these type of eating choices among friends and relatives. Motivated that I was now, I decided to see what the internet had to say about Vegetarianism and Christmas. A few findings below:

“Tofurky” is an American company that produces Soy products which are a good alternative to those addicted to meat. Their mission is simple, ” Turtle Island Foods, in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States, wants to help you reduce the amount of meat you eat each week. It’s easy!”

A popular website “GreenYour.Com” boldy says on the homepage :
Cook a vegetarian Christmas meal- A traditionally lavish meal, Christmas dinner is also fraught with a big eco impact. But by choosing a vegetarian or vegan Christmas menu, you’ll soon have the Earth singing Hallelujah.”
If you are interested to understand more about the importance of being vegetarian, then this is a good site. It has links to other sites and reports as well.

And for all my non-Hare Krishna and non-vegetarian readers, perhaps you can consider a nice, healthy and delicious vegetarian Christmas dinner. Having trouble coming up with an ideal recipie though? Here are 2 good links that has some interesting recipies :
1. The Organic Report
2. Cooking with Kurma – If you are looking for a sumptous Hare Krishna dinner !

While going through the first 2 sites, I realized that division of people based on their eating habits is a lot more than I imagined. And it would be great if more and more restaurants in the city looked at adding these to their existing one-sided non vegetarian menu.

Pescetarianism: Individuals who adopt this diet exclude all meat from their diets but will eat fish and seafood.

Semi-vegetarianism: Those calling themselves semi-vegetarians exclude meat but include fish and poultry in their diets.

Flexitarianism: Flexitarians stick primarily to vegetarian diets but occasionally eat meat, poultry, or fish.

Pollotarianism: Adopting this diet means excluding meat and fish from your diet, but including poultry and fowl.

Freeganism: In a related movement, some people adopt freeganism, which encourages a diet based only on ‘found’ food—which is food available through foraging, dumpster-diving, and gardening. Many freegans are also vegetarians or vegans.

Veganism: Dietary vegans choose to exclude all animal products from their diet, including eggs, dairy, and honey. Complete vegans refuse to use animal products of any kind in their lives (including gelatin, meat flavorings, and animal fat).

Ovo vegetarianism: Individuals espousing this diet exclude dairy, fish, and poultry from their diets, but still eat eggs. They may or may not eat honey.

Lacto vegetarianism: A lacto vegetarian continues to eat dairy, but excludes eggs in addition to meat, poultry, and fish.

Lacto-ovo vegetarianism: People who adopt this diet exclude meat, fish, and poultry, but eat eggs, dairy, and honey.

Happy, Merry and Kind Christmas to one and all !!!

Happy, Merry and Kind Christmas to one and all !!!


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