92. Billboard

Today, as I walked past a shop, I noticed a well designed booklet whose front cover immediately took my interest :

Trouble is an independent monthly mag for promotion of arts and culture, distributing 15,000 copies to over 800 locations in the state of Victoria here. This digital photo is by “Kathleen McCann, Monday 21, 2007“, of the artist’s sister’s diary, written as a 9-year old living in Northern Ireland in 1972. Its part of the Hobson’s Bay City Council’s Conversations Billboard Art Project, Altona. 

When I saw the above billboard jottings, I was immediately reminded of the recent Mumbai events, the very dangerous world we live in and its impact on young minds. Humans are the biggest problem. Whether it be 1972 or 2008, such destructive and cowardice acts by humans can have a deep affect on young people, who are also in the process of accumulating various issues and matters which they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. Its critical that if we are to change the world for a better future, the children are inculcated with rich spiritual knowledge too which will surely enable them to move away from growing up to be an ignorant and dangerous person. It made me go back to the Srimad Bhagavatam lecture given by Annirudha Prabhu (temple president) at the Melbourne temple on 26th November :

SB 11.3.45:
If an ignorant person who has not conquered the material senses does not adhere to the Vedic injunctions, certainly he will engage in sinful and irreligious activities. Thus his reward will be repeated birth and death.


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