90. Melbourne trams talk “Karma”

Just when I stepped out of the Gopal’s Vegetarian Restuarant on Swanston St, I saw this tram in the distance with the sign on the side:

Very vedic indeed !

Very vedic indeed !

Looks like Karma, Yoga and Chai is the key word in Melbourne.

I was curious to find what the fuss was all about behind such massive advertising exercise on most of the Melbourne trams. They even have a mascot called – KARMA Llama (llama the animal). A search on the net and I came across this newspiece.

Fare evasion karma – back with a karmic vengeance!
Date Published: 23 Nov, 2008
Fare evaders beware – Metlink’s fare evasion karma campaign returns on Sunday 23 November.

As seen earlier this year, the advertising campaign reminds us that the universe is always watching and is ready to exact retribution if you cheat the public transport system.

The quirky and humorous advertisements will appear in newspapers, on radio, online and around the public transport network. They show how bad luck can strike fare evaders in return for their actions.

They are reminders for fare evaders to buy the correct Metcard and validate it when they travel on Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses.

The campaign, however, is not just about people who do the wrong thing. ‘Good karma’ is coming to those who pay their way over the coming weeks with train, tram and bus Authorised Officers distributing ‘karma currency vouchers’ to those who have bought the right ticket.

The vouchers will reveal a dollar amount which the karmically-blessed commuters can then forward on to a charity of their choice via karmacurrency.com.au, a website which facilitates donations to hundreds of charities.

About fare evasion:

  • Over 90 per cent of passengers do the right thing and buy a ticket, but for the few who don’t, fare evasion karma will have its day.
    Previous Metlink campaigns have been very effective in reducing fare evasion.
    Between 2005 and 2007, fare evasion across trains, trams and buses dropped from 12.5 per cent to its current level of 7.8 per cent.
    It is estimated that fare evasion costs the system $40 million a year in lost revenue, which is revenue that can be put towards improvements to public transport.

Another big sign on another tram :

which canto, which chapter and which text is this?

which canto, which chapter and which text is this?

Pic : Sourced from Google Pics. I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough.

2 thoughts on “90. Melbourne trams talk “Karma”

  1. These are smart ideas Prabhuji, really witty! But do ordinary Australlians know about Karma and such things? Are they able to relate it Prabhuji? Just curiuos to know about the imapct this campaign is having…

    • Dear Ramanuja prabhu,
      Right now, the “in-thing” amongst Australians are – Karma, Yoga, Chai and bollywood. Its not really important to understand any of this according to them as long as you having fun doing it, sounds cool and not worry about the result. So, I guess, they know Karma after all, in a little way….


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