87. Forgotten Matajis – Rye Interfaith Festival

In my last post on the Rye Interfaith Festival, I completly forgot about the invaluable services of the below 2 senior devotees.

Bhakti Devi Dasi (top) and Chandravali Devi Dasi (below)

Bhakti Devi Dasi (top) and Chandravali Devi Dasi (below)

Both these matajis were in charge of the most important stall there – the book stall, ecouraging people throughout the 2 days about the importance of understanding the science of God. Over the weekend at the Melbourne temple, I came to know that the stall had recorded a very high number of book sales. Well done !!!

What I remember about both Bhakti Devi Dasi and ChandravaliDevi Dasi was that they kept smiling and laughing with everyone they met…including me whom they had met for first time. This is a very important trait to have, especially in preaching activities. It immediately makes people welcomed and comfortable. I remember seeing people of other faiths having active discussion with both the matajis. This is something we could not do at the food tent where we were busy cooking and serving prasadam.

A special thanks to Bhakti Devi Dasi who was the main person who motivated me to get on stage with Adam prabhu who led the ecstatic kirtan on day 1 and was also the person who introduced the kirtan troupe to the people.

Dear Matajis, if you are reading this post, please accept my apologies for having left you out in my previous post. Thanks for everything and looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Also, I had mentioned in the last post that once the kirtan was over, the host had mentioned on the microphone, “Nothing can stop the Hare Krishnas”. I have been told that it could have been that he said ,”Nothing can top the Hare Krishnas” or “How can you top the Hare Krishnas” or it could even be “Can you top that?”. Hmmm.. wondering how we all heard the compliment differently…but the fact is that all these variations in the compliment was positive. So, alls good. Next time, I am going to record everything rather than just jog my memory.


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