71. Mahabharata in style

When I first saw the “Lord of the Rings” many many years ago, I used to think if it was possible for the same director to recreate the Mahabharata as a movie in a very spectacular way. I imagined he would do great justice to the story and the screenplay as well. I even thought of writing a letter to him asking him whether he would be interested. But it never happened. Anyways, when I was in India last week, I was surprised to see Mahabharata characters plastered all over the region. The Indian TV industry have come out with a new presentation of the Mahabharata. I guess I will have to write to that “Lord of the Rings” director after all.

Bhima and Duryodhan fight it out with style

That's BHISHMA !


Bhima return to fight Duroyodhan in a stylized presentation

Bhima fight it out with Duryodhan

And here is the TV promo…..not bad actually..

And what do the producers have to say about Mahabharat?

“Kahaani Hamaaray Mahabharat Ki” is the biggest and most keenly awaited epic drama on Indian television. It is a timeless drama, which is a gripping spectacle of relationships, power, politics and values, with all the dramatic excitement and interplay of emotions. The series features the best technical team and a powerful and well researched script. The multi-media campaign for Kahaani Hamaaray Mahabharat Ki will reach at least 175 million viewers through outdoor, print, TV, radio and cinema and retail screens nationwide.

That’s Mahabharat according to them.

Srila Prabhupad said:
“You have hinted about the value of concentration and in the stories from the Bhagavatam and Mahabharata, but I do not exactly follow what you mean by this. The statements in the Bhagavatam and Mahabharata and the Puranas are all different historical incidents. Mahabharata is called, according to Vedic authorities, as the history of India. I do not know who first designated it as an ‘epic’. That is the cause of the fall down of Hindu culture. They did not believe in their Vedic literatures presented by Vyasadeva. They are not stories after all. Stories are imaginary, but they are not imaginary. They are actual facts. But such historical facts are not chronological; but for the teaching of the commonplace people some of the important incidents of history are there. It is said saram saram samud dhritva. This means only the essential facts have been collected, and they are put together in the shape of Puranas, Mahabharata, etc.”
(Letter to: Mr. Kair -Los Angeles, 8 July, 1969)
  – from Krishna.org

And the Pandavas.

And finally the Pandavas strike a pose.

It’s all about style, money, fame and body of course.


6 thoughts on “71. Mahabharata in style

  1. Though it is aesthetically pleasing, attractive characters and amazing effects- its really lost the substance of the Mahabharat. Just watch what I think is one of the most important scenes- the gambling match:

    i kinda liked the old one better. In this one its like every scene is filled with inaccuracies, I dont mean like little accidental ones, but big “i-know-this-is-wrong-but-it-looks-cool” ones.

    But at least people who would never watch the old version or read Mahabharat will be drawn in to watching and hopefully will become more curious about Vedic culture and understanding it properly.


  2. There is so much of drama….a bit of overacting…loud and shrieky voices…but like you said its reaching millions of people. So, hopefully, people will get curious and do more research. Atleast they took the effort to make a program related to spirituality rather than making TV serials that deals with gossip and in-law issues.

  3. Prabhuji,

    I too feel that it doesn’t seem to have the same feel as the older one. Just look at the poses of the actors, they seem to be just showing their 6 packs. I am never ever gonna see it.

  4. I also can’t understand why they all look so dull irrespective of their 6 packs. And why are the Pandavas in the TV series always wearing black outfits? They should be wearing colors such as blue, white, yellow etc. Even Duryodhana, Bhishma etc have bright clothing.


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