69. Jodhaa Akbar – Connecting via the movie

Normally I stay away from TV or movies but I was encouraged to watch a bollywood movie called “Jodhaa Akbar” today. There was an extra motivation in watching it as I have a huge interest towards Indian history. The movie showcases the love and respect the Mughal Emperor Akbar had towards his Rajput wife, Jodhaa.

I truly did enjoy watching it and I was suprized to see the following beautifully picturized bhajan for Sri Krishna :

The 2 altars of Jodhaa in her parental home (below) and in Akbar’s palace (seen in the song above) were beautiful ! 

A few of my friends rate this bhajan as their favourite song in the movie. I just did a round on the internet for reviews and its the same there. So, even if a highly commercial movie includes some sequences related to Sri Krishna, it becomes even more attractive. And it also gave a chance for millions of people to focus their attention on Him for those few but very valuable minutes.


2 thoughts on “69. Jodhaa Akbar – Connecting via the movie

  1. Prabhu,

    I suppose the films’ director Asutosh Gowariker is quite spiritually inclined. Both his earlier movies Lagaan [Nominated for Oscar, 2001] & Swades, had songs on Sri Krishna & Ramayana. He is one of very few directors in Hindi who take clean films.

  2. I have written a PhD on Vaishnavic readings of Indian cinema and have included a nice commentary on this and other devotional films. Although most Bollywood film is quite worldly and materialistic, there is a strong stream of Radha Krishna bhakti and devotion to Sita and Ram in the films. I argue in my thesis that there is a strong rasic element in many of the high Bollywood films – like Lagaan, Jodhaa Akbar and many others. It is good that ISKCON devotees are beginning to pick this up
    All Gories to Sri Sri Radha Krishna


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