68. Blog Header

A few people have been asking me about the headers I have in my blog. So far I have had only 2.

The current one you see above with Sri Krishna and the Gopis came from the wall of Sri Radha-Gopinatha temple in Sri Vrindhavan. For all the days I was there, I would do a few of my chanting rounds near this wall painting and towards the end of my stay, I took this snap. Its actually a larger photo but its cropped to fit the length above. Its also in this temple that I met the below vaishnava prabhu who was so dedicated to his temple service.

Everyday, he would dedicate an hour to hand roll the cotton wicks

Everyday, he would dedicate an hour to hand roll the cotton wicks








He was sad that his deities were not getting enough floral and tulasi garlands. All the days I was there, I got him these items. On my date of departure, I gifted him with some nice new garments. He was so delighted.

The full photo has Lord Brahma from His navel

The full photo has a lotus sprouting from His navel-abdomen with Lord Brahma sitting on it








And the above header that I had previously was taken from a wall painting of Lord Maha Vishnu lying in the causal ocean from the Sri Ananta Padmanabha Swami temple in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Perhaps, from now on, all my blog headers can have temple wall paintings as the theme… Hmmmm.

One thought on “68. Blog Header

  1. Prabhu,

    Intersting stories behind the header images. As you said it would be nice if you have images from temples across India and change them frequently. I have a small suggestion to make Prabhu, photos taken on a digital camera look good in the small LCD of the camera. But when they are transferred to the computer, they need some small tweaking, so they appear bright & rich. You have to just increase the brightness & contrast a bit. If you are not having Photoshop, you can use the following Online Editors.


    Hare Rama! Hare Krishna!


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