63. Minister of…? Take a guess !

I was listening to the radio in a taxi yesterday on my way to work. The report was about some new lottery company that was planning to launch itself all over Australia or perhaps it could have been Victoria only. But this article is not to talk about this new addition to the already messed up entertainment lives of people but on the discovery through that report that Australia has a “Minister for Gambling” !

How about that? Maybe you already knew about such a position but this is the first time I have heard of this. More important would have been ministerial roles like “Minister for Spirituality” or a “Minister for Soul Searching” or a “Minister for God”. A search on the net showed that we have a “Minister for Religion” in Australia although on the list of Ministers of the Prime Minister, I could not locate one. Maybe I missed it.

Coming back to the initial topic, in South Australia, for instance, the Minister for Gambling is Hon Paul CAICA. Yup, truly honorable. Believe it or not, his other roles include :
– Minister for Employment, Training & Further Education
– Minister for Science and Information Economy and
– Minister for Youth !







Oh, before I forget, he also won 2 gold medals for fishing.

 Here is another ministerial office !!!



One thought on “63. Minister of…? Take a guess !

  1. Compare this to Ram Rajya prabhu, where everyone were happy, justice prevailed, no hunger and above all spiritual bliss.

    But this is Kali Yuga and such things are bound to happen. Chanting the holy name of the God is the only way out.

    Hare Krishna… Hare Rama


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