61. Mayapur Academy

Dear devotees and devotees,
I would like to invite you all to have a look at the website of Mayapur Academy which I had the pleasure of donating.

This is what I have been working on for a while now and the exercise which gave me the chance to go to Mayapur in April 08. Going back in history, I had a chance meeting with Nrsimha Kavaca Das (Deity Worship Minister) on new year’s day this year and I had asked him if I could have the service of  redesigning the old Mayapur Academy website. In a split second, he asked me to go ahead. Few days before the new year, I had attended a nice talk by Annirudha Prabhu (Melbourne Temple President) who spoke on the importance of serving devotees. This was an added motivation for me to take up the project. 

Nrsimha Kavaca Das was very patient with me throughout the entire process and gave me a great sense of ownership. He advised me that I visit the academy in person and meet with the staff, faculty and students in order to understand the whole experience on a first hand basis. And what a trip that was !! I am thanking you all there at the academy for spending so much time and care to explain about the wonderful work you are doing !! I am also taking the time to thank the web designer Kerry Anne who showed great passion for this project and taking the time to understand our culture and practices which were completely alien to her.  

So, enough of my lecture. Please visit the website and please come back to let me know what you feel about the whole thing.  

2 thoughts on “61. Mayapur Academy

  1. Hare Krishna,

    Firstly I congratulate on you taking such a woth effort prabhu. As a designer, here are my suggestions.

    The site colours are very neat, but I feel that a more richer and vivid colour palette can be used. Sri Krishna & India is especially about colours.

    In the Get Involved section, you can have buttons & banners, which visitors can download and place it in their blogs & websites. This will generate more traffic for the site.

    In the photo album, the file name of each photo appears at the top left. Instead of the file name, a description of the photo will be more engaging.

    The Search is not effective. Searching for Krishna returns just 2 links.

    And prabhu, all the above are only my personal suggestions. If I had been too strong somewhere, kindly forgive me.

    Hare Krishna.

  2. Hari Bol Prabhu,
    I would like to thank you so much for taking the efforts to put down your feedback on the recently launched site of Mayapur Academy. And pls dont ask for my forgiveness as you have committed no offense whatsoever with your statements. I like the ideas suggested and I shall pursue them for the second phase of the design. In the meantime, you should try and visit the academy at Mayapur when you get time.


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