57. Mayapur Visit – April 08


Hare Krishna!

Before I go ahead and write something about my trip to Mayapur few weeks back, I would like to thank Nrsimha Kavacha Dasa, Kurma Dasa (The Chef) and Hari Sauri Das prabhus for all the assistance and advice they gave me to ensure my trip went well. Please find some snaps from my trip:


The 4 hour drive to Mayapur was a very pleasant drive because I slept through it. Shameful, I know. Anyways, I woke up just before I reached the villages surrounding Mayapur. It immediately reminded me of Kerala because of the greenry. 








I quickly checked into my rather large room with an even larger balcony which had a nice view of the surroundings. Took a nice cold shower and got ready to take a tour of the premises. No time to lose! In the hot sun, I made my way into the temple. And I was lost for words when I saw the Lord Narasimha deity. It was large, beautiful and ready to jump. Considering myself unfit to behold such wonder, I decided that it was perhaps a good idea to move away. I said a quick prayer stating that I am not fit to be in front of the Lord but wished with all my heart that he makes me more and more ready for Krishna bhakti.





I had the pleasure of being invited for a maha prasadam lunch with Pankajanghri Prabhu and his twin brother Jananivasa Prabhu ! As you know, they’re very highly regarded, serious and sincere devotees. They are also the head pujaris. However, what struck me was their simplicity and their hospitality.



I reach early and I sit down on the floor outside his room, waiting for the appointed lunch hour. Few minutes later, Pankajanghri Prabhu hands over a book “Lord Nrisimhadeva” for me to read. I was surprised. Only minutes before, I had left the Lord’s altar with sadness.





As I was engrossed heavily in the reading of the pastimes of Lord Narasimha and His devotees, Pankajanghri placed a tumbler of water next to where I was sitting. I felt so thankful and special.




The maha prasadam was delicious !!!!! Incredible. So beautifully made yet so simple. I was served so much food, that I found it hard to finish. The brothers had finished way before me yet they waited till I finished.




Later on, he arranged Dayal Baladeva Das, a devotee from the UK to take me around the dham. This prabhu was simply fantastic. He took me to all the important areas where our acharyas lived and shared many wonderful stories about them.




On many occassions, during lunch and afterwards, Pankajaghri prabhu stressed that I visit the Lord Jagannath Temple in the area. He also gave me a book on this temple. And had told my guide to ensure that we make a visit there. And we just managed to reach the place before sunset. Although, I do not have a direct photo of the Lord, please take it from that He looks absolutely pleased to be there and served so well by the devotees at Mayapur. This temple is located at Rajapur.


This is the pujari at the temple. As we walked in, he had been singing some kirtans. Later on we met the pujari who shared with us his experience of being looked after by Lord Jagannath. It seems that few months ago, he had no meoney what so ever to build a roof for the temple. But he told the lord that he would try his best no matter what. And lo and behold, few days later, a stranger gave the required money for a complete roof construction!





A nice boat ride to the islands.




This vaishnava gave me the sweetest prasadam ever!! Lots of sugar in it! He also had the longest smile in Mayapur!





Fresh flower garlands to go!

























Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur’s home, room, tulasi garden





















Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada’s room and a small Goverdhan hill, the rocks of which comes from the actual site. And a beautiful pond.





















Srila Prabhupada’s Pushpa Samadhi, 24-hr Bajana Kutir 


Before I left Mayapur, I attended a truly beautiful Mangal aarti. There were so many devotees at that time of the morning and so full of energy. I went around the temple bidding farewell to all those whom I had met in my short stay. As I left the devotees, the temple, the village, I could feel how truly a spiritual place, Mayapur actually is. 


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