51. ISKCON Chandigarh

A nice, large and a quiet ISKCON temple in Chandigarh (Punjab). What took my attention was the large hall here. Very Big ! We need such a hall in our Melbourne temple. Anyways, it was nice to see so many young college students who rushed to the temple in the evening to do their rounds. I, also noticed that many of the devotees loved to get the water sprinkled on their bodies by the priests from the altar area. The priest knew exactly how to keep this going for a long time to the thrill of the crowd. Of main importance, this was the place where I first danced with devotees. I was sitting there watching the deities and thanking Krishna for giving me a chance to visit the temple on a very busy day, when all of a sudden, a young devotee came to me and said, “Ok..its time for you to dance now”. I took that as a sign from Him and joined the dancing party. I must say, I felt pretty good. I always knew I danced well. Pride I tell you….







21 thoughts on “51. ISKCON Chandigarh

  1. I agree with you. I got most of my Srila Prabhupada CDs from here. I also remember looking at the life size models of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nrsimha behind 2 glass windows next to the altar.

    • if m not wrong, this site is not updated since long. M a regular visiter of the temple and like the activities very well, but please please update the site so that more people will become Krishna conscious. with be thankful.
      n’s a

      • Hari Bol Neha,
        I think you are after the ISKCON Chandigarh website which is not maintained by me. You need to write to them. However, if you are refering to my blog, well then…thanks for the push. I will try and write as much as I can. On an average, there should be an article posted every 15 days or so.
        Pls do come back.

      • Hare Krishna Neha…

        I am Administrator of Iskcon Chandigarh Web site.I think you are not visting our site daily. It is updated and maintained regularly.

  2. my life entirely changed after my 1st visit to temple. m lucky in true sense. have started following the path of self discovery and endless pleasure.

    just chant


  3. hiiii …………… chant hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare .hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare……. and be happy gaur nitananda hare hare hare bol

  4. I am speechless. Recent back only I have discovered in me this new feeling. Everyday at 6 a.m. in the morning, I switch on my T.V. set to watch Colors channel. The deities of Radha-Krishan and Guruji are so beautiful that it has left a mark in my mind somewhere. I want to know more about Iskcon. How can I be a part of it. Want to learn more about Lord Krishna. Please help me in finding the true path.

    • Dear Nemika,
      Thank you for your comment and glad to note that you are attracted to the most attractive One. Being eager, sincere, humble, submissive and gentle is the right way to approach the Lord through a guru. And a guru can be reached when you associate with devotees. And devotees can be found at a temple. Which city are you based at? I recommend that you visit the nearest one and start making some friends there. And everything else will fall into place.

      I also recommend the following websites :
      http://www.krishna.com : for books, photos
      http://www.iskcondesiretree.info : for downloads on lectures

      Wishing you all the best ! Let me know if i can be of further help.
      Hari Bol !

  5. chandigarh isckon is very very dear to me. my father is not always eager to send me there and recently since i have turned 18 i have been going there somehow or other. whenever my meeting with krishna was final i would sleep with great enthusiasm and because of anxiety i would get up before 4 in morning or sometimes even 2. so being a beginner and a girl for me temple visit is very important. so i always try 4 it. for me krishna is there and it is more dearer to me than my home. Oh! what to say! where is my home? is it really mine? ISKCON is my home where love is in air and where i meet my love and beloved

  6. Hare Krishna
    i m suffering from anxiety since last 3 years ”
    ther is no sloution i found till now ….
    i think i should go to iskon temple …
    i hope ther i will find peace ………

  7. hare krsna….
    My life is totally changed after been to isckon chandigarh…it was my internship in chd wen i started cumin to d temple… Each n evry moment was so beautiful wen i was in front f my radhamadhav….. At last i had to leave chd…as my trainin period was over.. Since den i m just waitin so badly dat i would get any chance to settle down in chd for ever…..very close to d lotus feet of my radhamadhav.. Krsna pls do sumthng jaldi se.. M sure u hav planned a wonderful life ahead for me wid u n radha rani..par pls itna wait mat karwaayo… U kno u r evrythng for me..luv u bahut saara….u hav given me evrythng even wich i nevr requested….luv u….

  8. well, my attachment has incresed. krsna did really something becoz of which my attachment has increased. i visit temple sometimes out of selfish love or in pain. these arrangements are very dear to me. thank you krsna! and bst way to thank him is chanting hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare

  9. hari bol! hari bol! hari hari bol!!! samsar davanala…..namaste narsinghaya….namo namah tulsi……hare krsna chant…….govindam adi purusam……sri guru carna padma…..jaya rahda madhav…..lecture…..namo namha tulasi….jaya jaya gaura chander……namaste narsinghaya….jaya radha madhav…lecture…..!!! by now i hv attended around 6 mangla artiiiii!!!! 🙂

  10. dear shri shri radha madhav,
    i hv no such personal talks with u bcoz that can be done by only great devotees. rather whenevr i see u, i m absorbed thinking that how these devotees can love u so much? i go on wondering that for these devotees u r krsna urself, krsna urself,krsna urself. that these devotees hv realised u so much. they look at u with really different eyes full of love jst love. krsna becoz these devottees love u and keep u with gr8 care only becoz of them i m a bit attracted to u otherwise how a blind girl like me can appreciate ur beauty and be sublimely attracted to & ur devotees and to the topmast among them srimati radharani!

  11. I belong to chandigarh and I am a Vaishnav by birth. Regular to Vrindavan also for last around 5 years. The positive energy I find at Chd. Isckon is difficult to match anywhere. The Kirtan is too good as all performers are known well and i must praise Shri Ram Prabhu for such a gifted voice he has got. his bhajans actually make tears roll down my cheeks – Hare Krasna to all devotees for making this place a true pligrimage.

  12. well i heard abt ISCKON temple many a times bt didn’t knw exactly whr it is!! my friend sushma told me abt it once i remembr!!!


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