50. UPS – the back-up power

Sometime last year, I was given a tour of a telecommunication company in India. They had one of the best facilities in the world. And they were pretty happy about it. They said boldly,”We have taken care of everything and we have everything”. There were super computers everywhere. They said that these machines could store millions of data from around the world. I asked what if these systems fail due to some technical problems. He took me to a room in the basement which had huge servers running. These servers were the size of wardrobes. He said that these servers backup every second and data from any machine could be retrieved. The room was spectacular. It was spotless as dust can harm the machines, completely air conditioned so that the machines won’t overheat and had a dozen staff at hand to ensure that none of the servers ever fell sick. I asked them what would happen if there was a grand system failure because of an earthquakes or a tsunami or some other forms of natural disasters. I was trying to imply that nature can ruin all of man’s creations in a second. He didn’t panic at this question. He took me to a small gap between the wall and the last server in the room. 

He pointed to the wall. And there lo and behold were framed pictures of Krishna, Maha Vishnu and other demigods!! And said, “If all fails, we pray to the Gods for help”.
Now thats what I call Uninterrupted Power Supply. From science to faith. 


3 thoughts on “50. UPS – the back-up power

  1. hahahah if they pray to Krishna then their servers will crash, they’ll become broke and finally they will become followers of Mahaprabhu…

  2. It is nice to see technology lives with spirituality in India. If we have faith in God, he will defenitely help us. I have heard someone say “God is powerful to the extent we believe in Him”. If we believe in Him immensely no doom will befall us. Those systems wouldn’t fail because of the confidence he has in Him.

  3. I think its important to have a far more stronger relationship with God than “just-in-case” mentality. And there are others for whom its a retirement plan and for some its pious entertainment. And a huge chunk of people look upto Him for protection from any harm to themselves, family members or their costly acquisitions. These are selfish ways of approaching God.

    I think, God is all-powerful independent of our mental capacity to understand Him. Once we love Him unconditionally, we will not care for any forms of happiness or distress.


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