43. Village Show

2 years ago, I attended a festival in a remote South Indian village. I had no idea what to expect but I was glad that I didn’t prejudge much because I had a very fullfilling day. Or should I say night. Or perhaps midnight. Yup, the festival basically starts close to midnight and there were 1000’s of farmers attending the event. Fireworks, food stalls, elephants, music and stage shows. I took tons of photos on the day but cant find the entire lot. But I do have the below 2. The first is a group of women offering their respects to the village deities. And the second is a group of young children dressed up as cowherd boys and girls, who were part of a traveling drama troupe. They did a marvelous rendition of Krishna’s pastimes and later on the Ramayana. Its was mind blowing to say the least. All this by the side of paddy fields, aerodynamic mosquitos and a slight drizzle. I can still remember the happiness on the face of people when Krishna and friends made an appearance. They considered everyone of them as real characters from Krishna lila and not actors. And I was thinking how easy it was for these farmers to appreciate Sri Krishna and here I am trying to find all the facts and figures about devotional service. But these guys could simply and suddenly surrender. No questions asked. How do they do it?



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