42. Totally Blew It !

I had a desire to meet with Indradyumna Swami Maharaj while he was in Melbourne. And I got this chance while all other devotees were taking morning prasadam on 23 Dec 07.  The prasadam was a bit late on this day as there was an initiation in the morning. So it was 10am and just when I was about to knock on the door of his room, it opened. It was maharaj. Just then his mobile rings and he starts speaking to the caller. Couple of seconds later, he covers the mouth piece and asks me to wait till he finishes his call. So I waited. The call was a long one and just when it finished, some of the freshly initiated devotees came for his blessing and then his traveling crew came in for a meeting. This went till 1pm ! 3 hrs wait !! No morning prasadam or the noon one as well. In this waiting period, I was preparing myself for my meeting. I wanted it to be truly special and thought of all the smart questions. I would start my question round with an obeisance, perhaps a nice prayer and a nicer introduction about myself which would impress him thoroughly !


The door opened and I was given permission to enter his room for my meeting with the famous traveling preacher. I enter the room and he is there, sitting on a chair looking straight at me. I kneel and bow down to the guru.

Me : Hi
Maharaj : Hare Krishna
Me : Welcome to Mebourne.
Maharaj : Thank you
Me : Hope you will come again.
Maharaj : Thank you
Me : Hmm..I enjoyed that article on your Udipi visit. It motivated me to go there too. 
Maharaj : Thats great…its a nice temple
Me : Thats all. Bye..Hare Krishna..I shall write to you sometime…
Maharaj : Pls do…Hare Krishna

I bow again, I come out the room, I close the door.
What did I just do???? I cant believe it !!! After all that self preparation, a wait for 3 hours, missing the tasty prasadam, all I could mutter out as an introduction was ” Hi”. How embaraasing??!! And I could not recollect any of the questions I had wanted to ask. I lost a complete golden opportunity. I had all the time in the world to talk to Maharaj. Now its gone. No one knows when he will be back next 😦


2 thoughts on “42. Totally Blew It !

  1. This reminds me of the principle that the disciple should always remain a fool before their spiritual master. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone in the phenomena you described above, even after 4-5 years of studying under my spiritual master, every time I go for darshan the same thing happens. Its so bad Guru Maharaja told me to write down a list of all I want to say beforehand, and still my mind goes blank and I can’t even read the list properly.

  2. Hare Krishna,
    Nice to meet you Radhapriya. I like the idea of writing down everything I want to ask on a list. I will start doing this from now. But I am sure I will be so mentally lost, I will forget that I had a list in the first place.


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