41.Krishna, the actor

This is how I saw Sri Krishna for the first time on a movie screen !

Thats N T Rama Rao – a renowned actor of yester years. I used to remember audience cheering when Sri Krishna appeared on screen. Some would call out the names of Krishna, others clapped, some cried and others threw rose petals !! All in the movie theatre ! My mum was telling me that this actor was so popular in his role as Krishna, that people worshiped him as seen in this picture in their homes. He also potrayed Sri Ram very well. He does have that jovial, naughty, pleasing look.


One thought on “41.Krishna, the actor

  1. NT Rama Rao was a big big telugu star and for many telugus he is still one.

    The 3 holes you mentioned are not in Thirukurungudi as far as i know. They are in Sri Rangam also know as Thriuvarangam. I supposed you have confused both. Visiting the Navathriupathis are very easy ji. It just takes one evening (something like from 3 in afternoon to 8/9 in night)


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