35. Mahabharata Bollywood style?

This is Aamir Khan – one of India’s top movie actors. I remember when I watched “Lord of the Rings”, many years ago, I exclaimed to my friends during the movie that if someone made our Puranas and Mahabharatas in the same way, then the storyline and screen play of LOTR would be so miniscule. So when I read this Times of India newspaper article on Aamir’s ambition, I was suprised and in a way happy… also concerned about quality.

But Aamir himself is a dreamer, even if his dreams are confined to filmmaking. One of them is to cast the epic Mahabharata in celluloid.

Speaking with the TOI during a recent trip to the capital to meet with the President Pratibha Patil, for whom he arranged a special screening of Taare Zameen Par, Aamir said:

“If I had to make a period piece, I would make a movie, a series of movies actually, on the Mahabharata.”

“The idea interests me greatly, for if India is to ever entertain the world on a scale when you can say, iske aage aur kuch nahin, it’s the ultimate, it has to be the Mahabharata. That would be one definitive thing India could give to world cinema. It has the potential to be the baap of Lord Of The Rings!”

Elaborating on his grand vision, Aamir says it would take 7 to 10 films to do justice to the epic and could take 10 to 15 years of his life! He would package the product for a global audience, complete with spin off products like games.

Interestingly, the character from Mahabharata that intrigues Aamir most is that of Karan, because he is “someone who finds the dice loaded against him from day one.”

Arjun’s character is also unique because “he is the only one who questions war.”

“It’s only Arjuna who has self doubt, and he admits it. That is a very brave thing to do,” says Aamir.

However, a ruthless perfectionist, Aamir says he is not suited to play Karan because he doesn’t have the physique of a strapping warrior. So he is ready to settle for the role of Krishna for himself!

Picture from THE TRIBUNE – http://www.tribuneindia.com/2006/20060826/saturday/main1.htm


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