34. Krishna at grandma home

 Krishna at Grandma home

3 years ago, I decorated Sri Krishna with flowers in this manner for the first time. This altar is in my grandmother’s home in India. I found this Sri Krishna deity in the house, hidden away for almost 60 odd years! In an instant, I took it cleaned it, re-arranged the altar, got flowers and said a small prayer as follows:

“Dear Krishna, please forgive me if I am doing anything wrong in preparing you for worship from now on. I am doing all this on instinct. I am not sure if others will approve of this or if they can continue worshiping your diety dilligently. For the time being, it can be done and so here goes..”

Since we have a small joint family set-up, there are other demi-gods and gurus on the altar. They belong to the senior members of the house and I didn’t want to incur any wrath from them by removing any. I remember how they were all so surprised when I decided to suddenly place this Krishna. I did get many appositions to the idea but I didnt care. But later all in the house appreciated Krishna taking centre stage although they were a bit worried if they can continue decorating Krishna like this generation after generation. The belief in our house is that if a deity is installed, then its care should not be neglected. If neglected, then the family will be doomed. At the moment, it is going uninterupted.

Straight after this set-up, I surprised everyone by going to the back yard and planting hundreds of Tulasi plants. My folks tell me that the back yard is completely filled with the plant and its big in size now. I shall try to get a photo of the 4th generation of the plantings.

Since this incident, I took up ISKCON seriously.

grandma krishna close up


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