33. ISKCON Ahmedabad

I had a chance to visit the the ISKCON temples in Gujarat – Ahmedabad, V V Nagar and Baroda, early last year.  This temple in Ah’md was beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed the architecture and the ambience of this temple. There are couple of things about this temple that grabs your attention :
1. The temple is within city limits and right next to the main road
2. There are many road signs within the city that gives directions to the temple
3. From outside, the temple gives the impression that its small. But its big inside.
4. One can see plenty of sunlight within the temple premises
5. Beautiful wall and roof paintings along with Srila Prabhipada photographs
6. All the road signs in the sity displayed the incorrect spelling of ISKCON as “ISKON”. Strange.
7. The deities were big & beautiful.





Sri Radha Govinda Dham
Address :
ISKCON Satellite Road
Sarkhej Ghandhinagar Highway Crossing
Ahmedabad – 380059
Gujarat, India.

Phone :
079 – 26861945, 26861644,26862350



5 thoughts on “33. ISKCON Ahmedabad

  1. I would like to stay at Ahmedabad Iskcon guest house for 5 days in January 2010. I am a patron of Iskcon and reside in London. Could you please send me the availaibility on 20 Jaunaur 2010 for 5 nights and the room rent for one double room please.

    Thank you.
    Hare kRISHNA!

  2. Hare Krishna , Iam a life member of ISKCON (Puri,Orissa) .we four member team have a tour programme to Ahmedabad from 10march to12March and dwarka 16 march to 18 march.We woud like to stay in ISCON guest houses in both places.Your confirmation in this regard is highly appreciable.Also kindly let us know the room rates.HAREKRISHNA.

    • Dear Pramod prabhu, i cannot help you as I do not handle such matters. You will need to contact these temples directly and their information can be found from their website or from krishna.com.


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