29. Whales but Cows?

I was doing my usual rounds of blog reading on the internet when I came across some posts on killing of the whale by certain countries and the authors of these articles were insisting on the importance of saving the whale. In response to a well written story, I posted my below comments which I thought I will share with you. So here its is. 


“Thank you for posting this picture and article on the in-humane killing of the whale. Its very sad and it must stop.

We should realize that no animal, bird or fish should be killed for the sake of food, sport and education. These animals have the right to be born, live a complete life and have a natural death like how we all as humans crave for. Why shouldn’t the wild creatures have this privilege?

If killing of a whale is inhumane, what about killing of other animals like cows?
Pls take a look at the website of “Meat & Livestock Australia”, for stats. Its at http://www.mla.com.au/default.htm
When I went through the figures in Sept 07, over 600,000 cattle is slaughtered every week in Australia. Isn’t this bad too? Shouldn’t this killing be condemned as well?

Why do we care so much about saving only the whale or a dolphin or some butterfly about to be extinct in the Amazon forest?

A cow provides so many benefits to the humans…like milk from which many food preparations can be made, its dung is a known anticeptic & fuel and its urine is therapeutic. And the bull is used for pulling carts, tilling the soil etc. But for the taste of the tongue, how many are killed everday? In India, a cow is considered extremely sacred and is given the position of a mother. But sadly, even that country is ending up in the list of leading beef producers.

In John Robbins book, “The Food Revolution”, an idea of the numbers of killing of food is given in the USA alone:
7.6 billion chickens
300 million turkeys
100 million hogs
60 million cows

And so much meat is fed to kids at school and home too. They have no idea about the pain and suffering the animal has gone through to end up on some one’s dinner plate. I wish there was a carpet ban on the killing of every animal, birds and fish. They should be protected and cared for.

Nature has provided us with plenty of grains, fruits and vegetables. If we invest time in educating ourselves on how to cook delicious preparations from them, there is absolutely no need to kill any animal. What ever nutrition one gains from the dead body of an animal, one can gain from a vegetarian diet.

“Nothing will benefit human health & increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet” – Albert Einstein

Take Care,


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