26. Big Risks

“Facing an impending energy crisis because of a diminishing world supply of fossil fuel and an increasing dependence on foreign oil supplies, biofuels produced from crops such as corn and sugar cane have been touted by many as the solution.  But as the conversion to biofuels is gradually being implemented a serious problem is manifesting.  We are using more and more of our agricultural resources to feed cars and less to feed people.”

– Sankarshan Das Adhikari in his e-course on Krishna Consciousness


And this is what “New Scientist” had to say –
“Biofuels will trash rainforests, suck water reserves dry, kill off species and raise food prices. They will also accelerate the corporate takeover of agriculture, create famines and could leave fuel importers as dependent as ever on other countries.”

I read somewhere that man would rather use an artificial respirator that looks like a cadillac than take efforts to clean the earth by changing one’s own personal habits. After coming into Krishna Consciousness, I have become so aware of the harm that humans have done to the entire planet. I can’t think any other living creature that is so out of rhythm. As Srila Prabhupada said that the Hare Krishna Movement will be the only hope during man’s darkest hour.


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