19. High Achiever

The kid in red jacket sold 150 books during the december 07 marathon !! In the picture is Annirudha Prabhu, a fellow supporter and Indradyumna Swami Maharaj. They are listening to his stories of how he sold the books to his friends and contacts.

WoW !! Well Done!

9,482 was the total books sold from the Melbourne Temple in that Marathon period. More info on the Melbourne website at http://www.iskcon.net.au/2008/01/13#a5801


2 thoughts on “19. High Achiever

  1. Thanks anonymous ! I noticed that as we were celebrating the Gaura Purnima in the temple room, the child was selling books in the court yard. He had a little blue milk crate with tiny wheels and a handle to pull the whole kit. It was loaded with books and he was so comfortable in talking about them. People just couldnt say no to him. I need to fix an appointment with this kid to learn more about book distribution.


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