17. Hard Yakka

This was a very motivating speech I have ever heard in the temple. There was pin drop silence when it was given by Annirudha Prabhu (Melbourne Temple President) during the Bhagavatham class.
Hard Yakka is the Australian slang for hard labour.
You can listen to the complete lecture at http://www.iskcon.net.au/2007/12/25#a5768
Here is one point that I took while listening with awe.

25.12.07, 8:50am

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“When a person is new to Krishna Consciousness, they are in the mood of performing some sort of service to the devotees in the temple. Acharyas say that this is the highest and elevated state of thinking. Also, this makes Krishna happy. Krishna says that devotees are very dear to Him. So, by serving devotees, Krishna is happy. And even more happy if you help a devotee help a non-devotee come in to Krishna Consciousness. But as time goes by, the devotee develops an attitude of wanting a higher position or perhaps to be authoritative. They exlaim, “I am totally fried with all this service”. In many cases, a devotee develops this mood. This is not right. Previously, acharyas used to pray that they be given the chance to perform service to Vaishnavas not only in this life time but birth after birth as well. As devotees, we must enjoy this struggle. This helps the devotee grow in Krishna Consciousness”.

(My apologies if I have made any error in my note taking and presentation of the main points from the lecture. Pls listen to the actual lecture in the link provided above)

During prasadam time shortly afterwards, Annirudha Prabhu put his plate down and helped the young devotees serve food to all present. I was honored when he served food on my plate. Later in the day in his office, I expressed by sincere appreciation for his lecture and gestures. He simply said, “Its all Prabhupada’s mercy”.


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