13. Naughtiest !

I was always told that I was the naughtiest kid around. But I must tell the world that this is not so because this kid from Russia beats me big time. His devotee dad and mum were always running after him. He leapt from table to table in the prasadam hall, slid down the hand rails of the steep stairways near Prabhupada’s room, rolled over in the carpet, played pranks on other kids, spilled his parents food, ran around the temple hall, played with senior gurus, nearly fell off a tree in the courtyard…all with a very wicked smile and complete bliss.


But we all loved to watch him throughout the day attending to his daily dose of mischevious activities. Some of us felt that the residents of Vrindhavan might have similarly and joyfully watched Sri Krishna go about his naughty activities during His childhood years.

This Russian boy’s birthday fell on Snana Yatra day and his parents made a huge cake for all the devotees. The dad also asked us to bless his son to be a great devotee of Sri Krishna. And we all heartily agreed. The family has gone back but I hope I get to see them again.


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