11. Posting delay

Hare Krishna!
Just back from my holidays and its time to post some new articles. I have plenty of photos, stories to share but first I need to sort out this issue of posting pics in WordPress. Its taking too much space. So pls give me a day or two to figure this out and pls come back to check them out. A huge “Thanks!” to all those who are visiting my site. WoW! So many..yet no comments on the post. Hmmm. Maybe I need to make it a bit more interesting.


2 thoughts on “11. Posting delay

  1. I just chanced to see your blogs today and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Have been glued to your site for the past hour or more. I think I must have read more than three-fourths of what you have put up here so far. Thank you so much for such vivid description of your experiences. Hare Krishna! keep going…

  2. Hare Krishna Anita,
    Your above comments make you my most ardent fan yet 🙂
    I am glad my sentence formation is interesting to people and I hope I get enough intelligence to continue this exercise. I shall try my best to write more articles of my experiences. See you soon,


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