9. Totally Wild !

I attended one of the wildest kirtan session I have ever been to today at the Melbourne Hare Krishna Temple. I had made a sudden decision to be at the Mangal Aarti yesterday and I am so glad I did. I was not very sure if I could wake up in time since I slept at 11:30pm the previous night after attending the Hare Krishna Cultural Evening, “Le Carnaval Spirituel”. But I managed to wake up by 3pm, had a nice hot (and long) shower, adorned a nice tilaka on my forehead and walked through the streets in the early cold & rainy morning at Albert Park. I was the second one there and I surprised as to how many people were slowly turning up.

By 8:00am, it was almost full with devotees. And then a large, tall gentleman walked in with a long stick in hand. I immediately knew who it was – Indradyumna Swami. After he paid his respects to all the deities, he took the microphone. What happened next? I shall share with you shortly but I hope Swamiji adds today’s session in his online diary. Because, it was truly a memorable event and only he can write it well.

Basically, devotees sang, danced, jumped, did acrobatics, ran inside and outside the temple in complete relishment of the sankirtan. And no one wanted to stop. It nearly went for 2 hrs!! Non-stop. We wouldn’t let Swamiji stop and he kept bringing out many variations of the maha mantra. And we made sure that we gave everything we got. I was watching Swamiji as he led us and I could see that even he was surprised. And watching the devotees having so much fun, he too joined the dancing, jumping and running around. He got kids, young and very old people to join the dancing. Once he caught me moving out of the whole wild session to take some rest but he came after me! And took me by the hand and pushed me straight back into the energetic crowd to participate. He did this to others as well.

The sight to witness was the human train that every single devotee formed. The engine was taken by Swamiji and he went on many curves within the temple room and we followed with our hands on the shoulder of the person in front. It went on and on and on. Camera’s clicked, video camera’s followed us and some of the visitors from overseas as a part of the “Le Carnaval Spirituel” was standing there watching us in astonishment. What’s gotten into these young Melbourne devotees? They are possessed!

Many of us hadn’t had dinner the previous night because of the carnival and now it was close to 9:30am without even a glass of water. But no one cared. Eventually, swamiji ended the session reluctantly by shouting out through the microphone,” Maha Prasadam ki…..”, and we shouted at the top of our voice, “Jaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Senior devotees were commenting that only 2 times previously have such ecstatic session taken place at the temple. Swamiji said, “As for the Bhagavatam Class we were supposed to have….we just did one”. And all of us roared in laughter. Then we ran to the prasadam hall to swallow one of the heaviest breakfast I have ever had. Yummmmmm!!!!!!!!

Thats it. I need to get back to the temple now. Looking forward to tmrw’s mangal aarti with Swamiji again !

Pls come back to view this article in some days as I will have the photos from my mobile uploaded soon of our wild activities!!!

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