6. My Cat & the grass

15 Aug 2005, India
This was pre-ISKCON as well. I used to start praying from 4am right upto 7am. I would do some yoga breathing exercises besides many rounds of chanting Krishna’s names. Whenever my mum or I finished our prayers, our cat would creep in and eat the grass that we would offer to Lord Ganapathy (the elephant god). At all other times of the day, it wouldn’t even take a step inside. And my mum being a wee-little bit superstitious, would not allow anyone to shoo the cat away.

Cat and Grass

This cat was a very special cat actually. It was an off-spring of another cat that an Australian exchange student found on the street during his time in India. I am not a big fan of pets as I think animals are meant for outdoors. Anyways, our cat was so human like in every thing it did. If someone was sad, it would know and do things immediately to make you laugh, it would wake each one of us up by placing its cold paw on our cheeks in the morning, would drink water only from a completly filled bucket of water (why is that humanlike?) and eat at the dinner table. One day at the vet house, the cat ran away. Its about 10Kms away in the country side surrounded by some dense forests, national highway, numerous fields and houses. But 6 months later it found its way back ! Not seeing my mother at the house (as she was traveling), it went away never to be seen again. My mum still awaits for its return, continuing that grass offering to Lord Ganesha. Perhaps, it may come back for more.


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