4. The Route of Rama

The region where my family lives in Kerala, was one of the routes that Sri Rama, Sita Devi and Sri Lakshman took during their travel days in exile. Our ancestral home is located here as well. Only the locals know much about the place and rarely do we get any pilgrims from other parts here. I wonder if this post will change that..

The Rama Temple Pond

The local temple (above) near our house still has the impression of His footprint and a statue of a cow though the mouth of which pours out water all the time. This was made by Rama himself to quench Their thirst. As a family, we would visit this place over weekends and collect this water from its mouth. The water was considered to be as good as the Ganges. Recently due to bore-well technology, the underground water has run dry and no more water comes out.  This was one of the place where I first tried my hand at swimming as well.

P.S : Apologies for the pixalated images. No idea why my camera images are in this condition once uploaded.

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