2. The Guru, The Wind, The Father

Guru + Wind + Father is translated into Malayalam (the language of Kerala) as GuruVayoorAppan. This is how Sri Krishna is known around here and the temle is called GURUVAYOOR TEMPLE. 

The Main Lamp at Guruvayoor Temple

This is one of the most famous and oldest temple in the state and lies in the Thrissur district. My parents were married in this temple like millions of other hindus here. And this was the first temple I was taken to within a few weeks of my birth. The Maha Prasadam I had here was the first solid food I took as a new born baby.  Since then, I have had the privilege to visit this temple year after year !! I always think how nice it would be if the Hare Krishna devotees went around this temple with their passionate singing and dancing. I recently heard that ISKCON is planning to set up a pilgrim welfare centre near this temple. 

This temple basically started my first interest in Sri Krishna as a child and have so many fond memories here that it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. 2 years ago, 21 Oct 05 to be exact, before I had known about the Maha Mantra or about ISKCON properly, I spent 2 complete days at this temple just chanting “Krishna, Krishna” or “Narayana, Narayana”.  The day would start by attending the first prayer session around 4am, doing as many parikrama within the temple, having mahaprasadam lunch after a wait of 4 hrs and leaving the temple only after the final prayer at around 10pm. A beautiful and healing place. So holy ! 

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